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Meet Princess Buttercup and her Wesley
I went to the kill pen this weekend. To say it was a soul-crushing experience is an understatement. But while I was there I met the sweetest, but most heartbroken, older horse (Bella). Because she had been starved and was weak, other horses were trying to push her around. But there was this dark brown horse that had tucked himself under her chin. Anytime a horse would come by and bite at her, he would chase them off and then go back and resume his protective position. So, we adopted her and her guardian: Princess Buttercup and Wesley.


I think she’s the most beautiful and special girl I’ve ever seen. She’s still timid around people she doesn’t know. But once you’ve earned a moment of her trust, and she looks you in the eyes, you’ll understand why she’s the girl that started the entire “Misfit Crew Sanctuary."

When I met her, she was so hungry, scared, and uncertain. But she has come so far so quickly. She LOVES to be cuddled and she can’t get enough of her ‘spa’ treatments. She would choose being brushed over just about anything. She will have to wear her blanket as she is so so thin, but her trust and her confidence grow every single day.

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