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She’s strong enough now to go out in the field and socialize with the other horses!! She has learned her name, and comes to me when I call her. And we’ve even started training lessons in groundwork. She is doing fabulously! I actually think she might be the smartest horse that has ever lived.


Mark said I couldn’t adopt another dog...
So Meet Denali.                                                               

Denali was rescued from Fabrizius Livestock. A horrifying place where the animals were not given medical care, consistently deprived of water, and starved. Starved to the point that this horse had other horses at Fabrizius eating her mane and the hair on her body so they could have something in their stomachs.
She was subjected to the most unimaginable cruelty by one of the lowest members of the human race, she is missing chunks of her mane and her hair, her first 2 years on this planet have been filled with fear and uncertainty. But thanks to the amazing work of Dreamcatchers Equine Rescue, she was given a desperately needed surgery, food, water, love, patience and attention.
When I walked up to meet her today, you could see how nervous she was. But a few moments later she had snuggled her head into my shoulder and she became mine.

She is going to spend the rest of her life being spoiled ridiculously rotten.

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