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Meet Smoon

One of my mom‘s most endearing goofy characteristics was her unparalleled level of gullibility. She would believe literally anything anyone told her. So we, as her loving family members, took advantage of this at every opportunity. A few years ago, the family was in Chicago enjoying a nice walk at sunset. My mom paused and turned to me, “I’ve always been curious but never wanted to ask anyone. Are the moon and the sun the same object and do they just rotate throughout the day so we see the Sun-side during the day and the Moon-side at night?” Without even the briefest consideration of hesitation I replied, “Absolutely it is. Most people don’t know that they are the same object, but you sure did. If you ever want to show off, you can reference the object by its more scientific name, the Smoon. People that love science will be very impressed with your knowledge of our solar system.” Nodding to herself, clearly elated that her suspicion had been confirmed, she smiled, “I knew it!” She was beaming the rest of the evening. She referred to the Smoon for almost an entire year before my cousin relayed to her that we had, once again, been messing with her. We have laughed about that story for years. And even in our most broken moments this past week, that memory has managed to elicit roaring laughter within our family.To honor my mom‘s legacy, combining her love of animals and her tremendous grasp of the science involved in our solar system, we have decided to rescue this sweet boy from a kill pen in Texas. We will name him Smoon. Additionally, The Misfit Crew Ranch, where Smoon will live out his life being “Forever Treasured”, is going to host a “Smoon Day” every month for children with life-threatening medical conditions and their families. These special kiddos can come spend time with The Misfits-loving on them, brushing them, and taking lead line rides on Snoopy, Q-tip, Hugsy or Cupcake.

“There is no greater pain than the memory of joy in present grief.“ - Aeschylus

My mom grew up riding her grandparents’ horses in North Dakota. According to photos, I met the horses when I was very very young, but did not remember him and had not actually seen the photos of her and ”her” horse, Shamrock, until this weekend. I had no idea what he looked like.
To honor my mom, our family collectively rescued an older gelding with a heart condition from a Texas kill pen.


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