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Life of Pi(e)
The equine version of a Golden Retriever.  Pie was rescued from the kill pen, but I believe he had been loved his first 2 decades on this planet. He loves people and would likely try to sit in your lap if he could. Pie has a neurologic condition, likely from surviving a disease like West Nile. He’s not aware of the back end of his body, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to be 2nd in command of the herd. He tries to emulate everything Wesley does so that he can move up in the rankings of his crew. He and Buttercup are best friends and he is always by her side. 

Pie will eat anything, I’m convinced he’d eat a tin can if you handed it to him. He loves all snacks and he loves to give kisses. I love Pie so much that I have taken 6 additional horses into the sanctuary just because they looked so much like My Pie.

Pie training me

“I got this.” ~pie

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