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Wesley: A Rescue Horse’s “Tail”

“He was probably an old ranch horse (a farm boy, if you will),” the vet surmised. “He will always need a job to do.” Princess Buttercup needed his protection on the kill lot. And when the plate tectonics of life shifted below his feet, and brought him to that horrifying place, he went to work. His job of protecting her was all he knew. It was his life. He spent his days and his nights fighting off the horses that tried attacking this weak, starving, older mare. He never left her side.

When Wesley was listed at the kill pen, he was said to be unhandled and couldn’t be caught or haltered. I can guarantee the kill pen thought him to be unhandled because they had separated him from Buttercup for his “kill lot” photo and he was panicked.


Now Buttercup is so strong, she’s taken her position as Lead Mare in the herd. She’s letting him know now that she feels safe and that he can relax, let his guard down, and enjoy his life with us. And her dutiful Farm Boy obliges, “As you wish...”

Now he loves his herd and his people more than anything. He has so much personality and enjoys doing his “cute thang” (where he turns his head and smiles). He still has the innate propensity to protect, but understands that he and his herd are safe.

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