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The Misfit Crew Sanctuary’s origin is best described as a serendipitous event. Amanda, the creator of the sanctuary, knew nothing about horses. She did not grow up with them, did not ride, and had no knowledge as to how to care for them. But she learned about the existence of horse kill pens through the owner of a local rescue.

Her first exposure to the kill pen in Colorado was horrifying. Witnessing the cruel and neglectful treatment that these animals were enduring changed the trajectory of her life forever. She came home that day from the kill pen with five senior horses and began boarding them at local rescues. Within a few months, the number of horses grew from 5 to 10. She knew these animals needed their own home, a place to be forever treasured. She and her family purchased a 40 acre ranch and The Misfit Crew Sanctuary was brought to life.

And while there were so many horses, of all ages, that needed forever homes, Amanda developed a special passion for the senior horses. She recognized the cruel and heartbreaking reality for most senior horses These animals have dedicated and worked their entire lives for their people, only to be left by humans when they became too old to be considered “useful” anymore. They are then sent to auction and, far too often, wind up in kill pens. She wanted to offer a home, a sanctuary, for senior horses, horses with critical needs, or horses requiring hospice care so they would know what it felt like to be Forever Treasured for the rest of their lives.

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