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What are all the things that make my Linus so special?

Take a seat, you’ll be here a while.

My favorite Linus-ism: He wants hugs between mouthfuls of his mash. If you don’t immediately put your arm around him, he forces his head under your arm and pushes his head against you.

Every single day with this boy is a gift

My 30 year old Linus is one of the greatest treasures in my life. He’s the most gentle soul I’ve ever known. But he needed a friend. The rest of my crew had ‘paired up’, and sweet Linus would walk over to the barn window to hang out with his “window friend," Duchess.

The vet advised would essentially be on hospice care (as he has a bad heart, bilateral blown-out knees, and arthritis), seems to have found the cure to all his ailments. It’s love. He’s twitterpated by Buttercup. He gets so excited when she comes to say “Hi” that this arthritic senior RUNS and whinnies

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