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The Misfit Crew has partnered with Children’s Hospice in Denver.

Kylie’s Legacy of Lighting up the World continues. She sent her mom a beautiful dream. The kiddos on her pediatric oncology floor and the kiddos in her hospice were all out at the Misfit Crew Ranch walking with her and her amazing Child Life Specialist and being introduced to the Misfits.

Thank you to every single person that contributed to Kylie’s first “Misfit and Sunflower Day”. It was even more special than I think I was prepared for.
We had 9 incredible families with Footprints Children’s Services of Denver Hospice come to meet the Misfits. The horses walked the red carpet for their runway show, the cows happily enjoyed snacks with the kiddos, nearly every child (and child life specialist ) rode sweet Snoopy, and our neighbors brought their adorable alpaca babies!



And I received the very best, most meaningful, gift that anyone has ever given me. A special young lady that was not able to attend the event had looked up photos of all the Misfits and the canines and created the most beautiful artistic image of them. She even created a glowing halo over my sweet Frosty.


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